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Tree Army Volunteer

Do together

We know that one organization alone can’t effect the change we need. That’s why we rely on partnerships and our supporters. The changes we want to see in the world can only come about through the efforts of many people – together possible.

Plant 100 Crore Trees Protect Our Future

Human intervention with hills and forest resulted in over exploitation of forest for his personal, industrial, commercial and agricultural purpose which gradually led to ruthless deforestation. Over exploitation of forests resulted in huge climate changes. The most obvious manifestation of climate change is the warming of the Earth, melting ice and rising of sea level. Climate change causes terrible consequences that affect directly on nature and people, such as earthquake, tsunami, floods, drought, scarcity and starvation, increased risk of wild fire, epidemics on human and animals, decreasing biodiversity, destruction of ecosystem as well as serious damage to economy and social life.

Trees clean our air, save from overheating, protect us from storms, gives privacy, makes oxygen, provide food, prevent soil erosion, increase property value, save the environment, helps kids focus, clean our water, keep our mind free from stress and tensions and make mind cool.

How to join US

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