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Walking Back  Bamboo Forest

Walking Back Bamboo Forest

Our main area of focus and attention is to the master project named “WALKING BACK BAMBOO FOREST” Plant bamboo to fight climate change is the best ecological solution now.

Our ancestors lived in forest utilizing the resources there without disturbing the natural habitat and ecosystem. But modern man who lived in the plains and valleys started migrating to the hills collecting the wealth from forest. His main challenge to face was not wild animals but stronger deep rooted bamboos which stood in the natural ecosystem of the forest. Human intervention with hills and forest resulted in over exploitation of forest for his personal, industrial, commercial and agricultural purpose which gradually led to ruthless deforestation and bamboo depletion.

Why Bamboo

Bamboo prevents soil erosion, protects land, especially in the hillside or riverside and is a natural purifier of water flowing into rivers. The extensive net like root system enables bamboo to stand firm even on loose soil, create an effective mechanism for watershed protection, stitching the soil together along fragile riverbanks, deforested areas, and in places prone to earthquakes and mud slides. Bamboo protects riverbanks by arresting strong currents during flood periods by their extensive fibrous root system. and more….

Bamboos have a variety of economic applications and is known as Green Gold. Its sufficiently cheap and plentiful and play a major role in the livelihood of rural people and rural industry