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Save Tree
Save Life Society

Save Tree Save Life Society is an emerging non-governmental organization registered under the Travancore – Cochin Literary and Charitable Societies Act of 1955 with Reg. No: KTM/TC/248/2012. Save Tree Save Life Society focuses on sustainable development of the environment. The flag holders of the organization are involved in the areas of environment protection, education and awareness activities since two decades. The dedication and collective efforts of our organization has paved way for a very unique and promising project, titled as Save Tree Save Life which we consider will help our motherland for an environmentally sustainable future.


Protecting Our Environment For Future Generations

Save Tree Save Life
Save Tree Save Life


Vision 2050 Bharath. Planting 100 crore trees by 2050.

Our vision is to create a green and thriving planet by planting 100 crore trees and promoting sustainable environmental practices."

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