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Vision 2050

According to most estimates, India's economy is expected to maintain its current growth trajectory and climb from its current position as the world's tenth-largest economy to become the third-largest by 2050. While this is cause for celebration, as it restores India to its position of global pre-eminence in the 17th century and positions it as a global leader, it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure an environmentally sustainable future. Given that India is a hotspot of unique biodiversity and ecosystem, it is crucial that India values its natural resources and ecosystem services to inform policy and decision-making effectively.

Save Tree Save Life
Save Tree Save Life

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100 crore trees by 2020

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Vision 2050 Bharat is a long cherished dream of our NGO to save our mother land and in turn to save the world and its future generations from environmental pollution, water scarcity and rising temperatures as we know that economic prosperity cannot be achieved at the cost of the environment. It is critical for us, as an industry to shift from ‘pollute-first, clean-up later’ attitude and commit to preserving our diminishing natural resources. The project envisages multidimensional approach to preserving green earth and would like to properly align with your dream India. We are equipped enough to implement the project under the following programmes which are well planned to execute.

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